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Autoportrait Photo by ©Sofam 2023 Stefaan De Groote

Studied at the School of Arts KASK Gent Belgium

Fulltime allround photographer since 1991, based in Knokke-Heist Belgium


Assignments at the Cannes Filmfestival and at the Academie Awards in LA

Exclusive Photographer for CBS Belgium during the Michael Jackson Concert


Publications in Leica Photography and Photo Magazine

Publisher of Knokke Zoute Promenades



            I have always communicated better with images than with words.


            My innate patience helps me to quietly wait for the right moment that

            is the full expression of what I can see and feel in nature and in human



           My portraits are the result of careful and inquisitive observation, not only

           to find the best expression of the individual, but ultimately also to confront

           the subject with the self.


           Invariably, my pictures will explain themselves, they always do, without

           any need for words.


           For me, that is the highest form of artistic excitement.








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